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The treatment of the spine is amazing!


The first time of the memorial “spine” is how amazing the spine is! ? I want to talk from such a place.

The spine is the heart of your body

The spine is the bone in the center of your body as you know.

But in fact, the “spine” is not a single bone, but a collection of small bones called vertebrae. The spine is the one with 24 vertebrae vertically connected to the sacrum and tailbone. This chain-like structure is a major feature of the spine that no other bone has.

The movements of the vertebrae are linked to each other, enabling various body movements.

Also, the spine has a tunnel-like structure, and what passes through this tunnel is an important nerve called the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is a bunch of nerves that come out of the brain. The spinal cord begins from the brain and passes through the spine to control every corner of the body.

The spine that penetrates the center of the body is ...

In fact, it has a wonderful structure with the function that enables the body to move freely and the role of protecting the nerves that control our bodies.

Gravity and spine

From 350 million years ago, a creature was born on this planet. Since then, creatures have been protected in a way by the gravity of the earth, and have fought against it in a way. This gravity is a very important factor for the spine.

The creature was a quadruped when it rose from the sea to the land. Since then, humans who have been active on two legs have gained many privileges. The forefoot (hand), whose vision has been expanded and freed, has developed a brain and built civilization by catching and making things.

On the other hand, in terms of "supporting the body", humans are more disadvantageous than other four-legged animals. In order to support the body with only two legs, a strong support for the body was required.

Of course, the “spine” plays that role, but because it stood up against gravity, it was decided to draw an S-shaped curve. This curve allows the “spine” to distribute force well against gravity.

In this way, the “spine” has played an important role in standing, but in an unstable upright posture, it has the disadvantage of being easily out of balance. We will temporarily say that the spine is out of balance as "distortion of the spine". If the spine is distorted, various problems can occur throughout the body.

If a load is applied somewhere on the spine that can move freely, the joints of each bone will stop moving as if they were fixed, and the motor function will be reduced. It may also have a negative effect on the autonomic nerves, or cause the nerves to be compressed. If one of the bones stops moving, the upper and lower bones also move badly, creating a vicious circle. To make up for this, things such as distant bones and muscles take an unreasonable posture.

Such spinal dysfunction can cause various problems.

Shoulder stiffness Backache Back pain Neck pain Hands and feet Intervertebral hernia Spinal canal stenosis Sleeping headache


Since the autonomic nerve function also decreases, symptoms such as “no appetite, easy to catch a cold, light sleep, easy to get tired” easily occur, and the immune function also decreases, so it is easy to get sick.

Chiropractors treat this spine joint, and this effect is surprising. Of course, there are some symptoms that are not indicated, but I am strong against musculoskeletal problems, and I have felt many times that I feel like a miracle.

How was this story? It may be a spine that you have never been conscious of ... Once you maintain it, you can see that the body is also exciting.

Please maintain your spine with chiropractic.

Written by

Kazunori Kosuge

Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Chiropractic Science AK Practitioner

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Thank you for reading to the end.



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