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Are you in a posture that sticks out your stomach?


Are you in a posture that sticks out your stomach? This posture actually leads to back pain!

This is a common attitude especially for women. Please read carefully so as not to suffer from back pain.

lower cross syndrome

If you are in a posture that pushes your stomach forward, you can see that the muscles that are hyperfunctional (tensile) and the muscles that are hypofunctional (weak) are positioned diagonally.

There was a similar thing around the shoulder.

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What happens around the waist is called “lower cross syndrome”.

A difficult name came out, but in this posture the abdominal muscles and buttocks muscles become weak, and conversely, posture maintaining muscles such as the waist and back muscles and the muscles of the thighs are seen in tension. Everyone who takes this posture has weak abs.

It is said that if you repeat this posture every day, stress is applied to the joints of the pelvis and the joints that move from the waist to the back, and frequent subluxation (spine distortion) is likely to occur.

Let's be careful about posture so as not to have back pain.

What is the correct posture?

To get the right posture, you should try to stand tightly tightening your buttocks while keeping your abdominal muscles moderately tensioned. Can you take a slightly different posture?

If you have difficulty understanding, put your head, back, buttocks, and heels on the wall, correct your posture, and then step forward as if you were pulling your head with a string. That is the correct attitude.

In addition to the posture of sticking out the stomach, people who often sit on a chair every day often tend to contract the lower abdomen and thigh muscles and are often tense. Stretching those muscles is important for preventing back pain.

Everyone! Put a little force on your abs, and your butt is cool! It is important.

Those with severe back pain ... Those who want to improve their bad posture ... Those who want to balance your pelvis ... Please contact us once.

Written by

Kazunori Kosuge

Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Chiropractic Science AK Practitioner

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